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Plans for all shapes and sizes

No long-term contracts, no cancellation periods. Just a simple annual subscription depending on what type of school you are.


£1495+ VAT per year
Access to all content Regular content additions
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£1995+ VAT per year
Access to all content Regular content additions
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Academies / Federations / Clusters / International

£4995+ VAT per year (Up to 5 Schools)
Access to all content Regular content additions
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Our pricing model

We get it, budgets are being stretched thinner and thinner every year. If we could, we’d give everything away for free. Our pricing model allows us to provide you with outstanding content that will make a genuine difference to the wellbeing in your school.

Art of Brilliance are a not for profit organisation. We don’t make any profit, we just plough everything left in the pot back into creating more videos and resources for your schools.

How payment works

It’s super easy to get subscribed. Just head over to the Subscribe page and enter in all your details – then one of our team will send over an invoice for you. We appreciate invoices take time to process, so if you can provide us with a purchase order number when you subscribe, we’ll set up your account straight away.

Eleven months later, we’ll contact you to see how things are going and arrange the invoice for the following year. We repeat this over and over unless you don’t want to carry on your subscription. There is no contract or anything like that, just let us know you if you don’t want to continue and we’ll sort it.

Any questions?

We’ve got some lovely people ready to answer any questions you may have about our service. Just fill in the form on this page to send them a message and they’ll be more than happy to have a chat. You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page – where there are quite a few answers to bring you up to speed with our new service.

As we said, this is a brand new service, the first of its kind. We think it’s already brilliant, but we’re set on continuing to invest in and develop this platform going forward. We’re grateful for your faith in us, and together we can ensure that schools are equipped with all the wellbeing tools they need to flourish in today’s world.

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