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We provide a series of high quality videos and activities for staff, pupils (primary & secondary) and parents, as well as a series of bonus materials for assemblies and class discussions, all focusing on developing wellbeing in your school.

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A Wellbeing Revolusion

Imagine a common set of wellbeing principles and a collective spring in everyone’s step, even on a Monday? Oh, and the best bit… imagine if learning the messages was fun? And the even better best bit - if it was a 3-pronged approach that engaged staff, pupils and parents...

Our solution works on wellbeing from the inside-out. Our content is taken from the very best bits of positive psychology, wellbeing, strengths, character education, growth mindsets, mindfulness, CBT, resilience and human flourishing. To mis-quote Bones McCoy, "It’s science Jim, but not as we know it."

Our view is that the stress isn’t going to go away so we’ve flipped wellbeing on its head. Instead of waiting for staff and pupils to break under the pressure, our aim is to equip them with the knowledge and strategies to deal with the full on-ness of the modern world. If change is inevitable, bring it on!

Plans for all shapes and sizes

No long-term contracts, no cancellation periods. Just a simple annual subscription depending on what type of school you are.


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Who are we? Brilliant Schools is brought to you by the people from the Art of Brilliance. We are an established, leading, not for profit organisation with one goal... to improve the future of wellbeing in our schools.