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The Art of Growing Brilliance

This workshop takes our core messages of happiness, flourishing, resilience & personal responsibility and looks at embedding positivity in the classroom. Most teachers recognise the value of fostering positive learning behaviours and many ‘get’ that growth mindsets are crucial. But there’s more to it than knowing what ‘perseverance’, means.

Cultivating a Brilliant Growth Mindset focuses on five key elements:

Making Connections: Learning physically changes the brain. An understanding of how the brain is wired informs and refines classroom practice.

The 5Rs: Learning anything is a progression – adopting a Growth Mindset significantly benefits the rate and extent of that progression.

Failing Brilliantly: Failure is often a dirty word; we try to avoid it if at all possible. Perhaps counter intuitively, however, success and failure are inextricably linked. We progress best when we acknowledge our limitations and act according to considered feedback. It is essential that teachers and learners are allowed to learn from the ‘mistakes’, that enable them to genuinely move forward.

More than a WAGOLL: Edison is quoted as saying, ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.’ It’s certainly true that learning and improvement require a degree of conscious application – or even ‘struggle’.

Creative Thinking: Learning is the capacity to create and reinforce neural connections (well, pretty much). Promoting children’s capacity to deal with cognitive dissonance creatively is key to their ability to learn – and learn to learn.

How is this workshop delivered?

Our sessions work as hour-long sessions, half days or full days. We love working with big groups, so get all your staff in the same room and leave us to it.

We can also deliver this workshop digitally as a video, so it can sit on YouTube or your staff intranet, or we can privately host it for you on our video platform.

If you want this session broadcast live to an audience at a set time/date, we can use all the usual video conferencing technology that’s recently become so familiar, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Webex etc

Whatever your needs, just fill in the form below and one of our brilliant trainers will be in touch with you to see how we can help.

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