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Mental Wealth Measurement for Staff

  • Brilliant Schools aims to make a positive difference, and by completing a few short questions we can show just how. Your answers are anonymous and confidential.

  • We need this so that we can collate all your submissions together and give you a snapshot of the current level of wellbeing at your workplace.
  • Feelings at Work

    For the past week, please indicate below approximately how often you have felt the following while you were at work. Everyone experiences a lot of overlapping feelings, so you'll have a total for all the emotions that is much greater than 100% of the time.

  • Thank you. Your completed questionnaire will be collated to provide a snapshot of the current level of wellbeing at your workplace.


  • This form will ask you some questions about how you feel. We'll then combine your answers with all the other staff from your school to get an idea of how everyone is feeling.
  • Answer the questions as truthfully as possible, there are no right/wrong answers.
  • Submit your answers using the "Submit" button - this will send your answers confidentially to the Brilliant Schools team.

Your answers are totally confidential. All we'll know about you is what school you work at, your role and how you are feeling. Your answers will never be shared in full with anyone, including pupils or other members of staff.