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Are you a WellbeingWellbeing?

Get your calibrated, confidential and easy-to-use questionnaire to help identify areas of strength and potential future areas of strength!

Participants complete the online surveys and submit them anonymously.

The results are collated and interpreted before sharing with the school’s nominated wellbeing representative.
The results can be subsequently used to gauge the impact of any strategies implemented (and of course; we can help with that bit!)

Our Wellbeing questionnaire service is currently closed for new schools – we’ll be re-opening it soon in the new year!

  • Glean a snapshot score of wellbeing in your school
  • Ascertain information to help support staff and different year groups
  • Measurements and analysis informed by Dr. Andy Cope’s PHD into wellbeing and flourishing in the workplace

The simple, four step process


Use the application form at the bottom of this page to register your intent and get the ball rolling.


We’ll send you a link to our data gathering system - this includes two easy-to-navigate forms; one for pupils and one for staff. These forms ask a number of structured questions that help us derive a measure of wellbeing for your school.


Distribute the link to all staff and pupils you want to participate (we recommend all of them if you can!) and give them 14 days to fill in the form.


Once we have received all your submissions, we’ll analyse the results and compile a bespoke report that details wellbeing strengths and weaknesses in your school, along with suggestions for further improvement and development.

And then?

Once we return your report we’ll provide optional recommendations on how you can improve wellbeing in your school - this might include further analysis, some of our workshops or a subscription to our online service. It might just be a case of reading our monthly newsletter to stay on top of things.

Our Brilliant Schools Wellbeing Questionnaire is designed to help bring out the best in everyone.

Apply for your Wellbeing Report

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