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You’ve heard of ‘sink unblocker;’ that stuff you resort to using when the sink doesn’t allow stuff to, well… sink? It’s so toxic you have to wear a full-body protective suit just to unscrew the cap. You buy a bottle when all sorts of detritus accumulates over time and stuff is going nowhere, gradually getting more and more stagnant.

www.Brilliant.School has just relaunched and we’re very excited. It works in a similar way to Mr Muscle, but is less to do with drains and more to do with radiators. With its growing bank of wellbeing resources, we aim to get things moving again. Of course, school life is busy and there are all sorts of challenges out there. It can be easy to get stuck doing the same old things, and our growing online library aims to help your school get back to its best. Less sink-unblocker, more ‘think,’ unblocker. It’s the opposite of draining – we want to add the feelgood factor and encourage the whole school community to reflect on what it takes to thrive both in and out of the classroom. We want your school to radiate Brilliance.

So, I guess this is not so much a blog, but a statement of intent. We’re serious about being a catalyst for whole school wellbeing and happiness. Brilliant Schools is for all schools. We want to make a positive impact and our free Wellbeing Barometer can help you measure it. If that radiates with you, there’s some amazing early bird offers available. Follow us on Twitter @Brill_Schools and/or contact for more details.