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Brilliant Schools

Brilliant Schools is a subscription service offering schools access to a variety of video lessons aimed at promoting and developing wellbeing in your school.

Our wellbeing lessons are provided in two ways. Firstly, in the form of LIVE lessons streamed each week over Zoom and secondly, our studio-produced on-demand video library. We also offer 'Brilliant Schools' certification through our Embedded Project - a bespoke programme of activities that embeds wellbeing into your school community.

Brilliant Schools

LIVE wellbeing lessons delivered weekly

Weekly live wellbeing workshops are broadcast over Zoom directly to your classroom (or living room, kitchen or any other place!). Sessions are available remotely and available to catch-up.

Brilliant Schools - The Live sessions!

Our live sessions are friendly, fun and engaging. They are interactive and thought-provoking, and entertain as well as educate.

We take the most powerful insights from psychology, wellbeing, strengths, character education, growth mindsets, mindfulness, CBT, resilience and human flourishing - remove the big words, and deliver something that will have a lasting positive impression.

Each session is delivered by a wellbeing expert. We have Doctors, Teachers, Headteachers, Fitness guru's and more, making each session fresh and unique.

Scheduled across the School term

Your goal? Improving wellbeing across your school community, for pupils, staff and parents. But a goal without a plan is just a wish.

That's why we've planned a whole wellbeing curriculum for you. Spread over the Spring, Summer and Autumn terms, we've mapped out a weekly schedule of sessions designed to help super-charge your school wellbeing.

Sessions are listed with their topic, a brief description, the target audience and the length of the session. You'll be able to easily see what's scheduled and plan your lessons accordingly. Simples.

And if you can't make a session live? No problem - they'll be available to catch-up 7 days after broadcast.

Oh, and did we mention that all sessions are available remotely?

See our Spring 2022 schedule
Brilliant Schools - Series of wellbeing videos
Brilliant Schools - The Library

On-demand Video Library

Our library contains over 50 wellbeing video programmes, organised into either a series - such as Brilliant Primary Schools and Brilliant Staff, or stand alone programmes.

To make it easy to plan lessons, each course indicates how long it lasts and gives you a general overview of what it covers.

On-demand videos are the perfect partner to our live sessions and explore themes including wellbeing, positive psychology, happiness, strengths, goal setting, mindfulness and more.

Have a look around our library

Have a look at some of our on-demand content...

Want to get a feel for the style and quality of our on-demand video? No problem; the first course in each programme is available to watch for free. If you like what you see, just get subscribed and all the remaining content is yours for the taking.

Be sure to click the fullscreen button (looks like Fullscreen) to get the full experience!

Watch our Brilliant Primary Schools programme
Watch our Brilliant Secondary Schools programme
Watch our Brilliant Staff programme
Watch our Brilliant Parents programme

Brilliant wellbeing training programmes

All our videos are perfect to show/watch in the class/hall/staffroom/at home or wherever! Some programmes are a few minutes long, others are over 20 minutes, so there is something for every scenario!

Brilliant Schools - The courses

Get Wellbeing Embedded in your school

If you want to further develop wellbeing in your school, our Brilliant Schools Embedded Project transforms the culture of the whole school community.

With in-person facilitation, activity cards and posters, bespoke challenges and regular guidance, you'll be able achieve our 'Brilliant Schools certification' and become an Outstandingly Happy School (complete with a banner and certificate of course!)

Brilliant Schools LIVE - a true blended learning approach
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Got any questions? Chances are we might have answered them already on our FAQ’s page - but if not, we're happy to help. Just send us a message using our Get in touch page or give us a call on 0330 0435285

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Who are we? Brilliant Schools is brought to you by the people from the Art of Brilliance. We are an established, leading, not for profit organisation with one goal... to improve the future of wellbeing in our schools.