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Brilliant Schools

Brilliant Schools is a subscription service that offers your school access to a variety of video programmes aimed at developing wellbeing.

Our service has a variety of programmes and each video forms the basis of a lesson that your teachers/staff can deliver.

Brilliant Schools
Brilliant Schools - The Library

The Library

Our library contains all of our programmes, organised into either a series - such as Brilliant Primary Schools and Brilliant Staff, or stand alone programmes. To make it easy to plan lessons, each course indicates how long it lasts and gives you a general overview of what it covers.

We’ll be adding new programmes throughout the course of your subscription with themes around wellbeing, positive psychology, happiness, strengths, goal setting, mindfulness and more.

We're also super keen to develop programmes based on what YOU want - so if you have an idea for a course, make sure you Get in touch and let us know!

Have a look around our library

Series of programmes that are great over time

Some of our programmes are grouped into a series. These series are designed to cover specific areas over a number of videos.

A series can be watched over a number of lessons or terms, depending on how you want to plan your lessons. Each series will tell you how many programmes it contains, making it easier to plan how to use them.

Of course, you can still watch any of the videos on their own and in any order you'd like.

Brilliant Schools - Series of wellbeing videos
Brilliant Schools - Standalone Wellbeing videos

Stand alone programmes you can watch any time

Each course comes with a video that you can play in the class/hall/staff room and some guidance notes that suggest a good way to direct the lesson.

These standalone videos are also great for sharing with parents or pupils who are learning from home - and our system lets you share a secure link to any video so it can be accessed without having to login. The perfect addition to your lesson plans, remote or in the classroom.

Brilliant wellbeing training programmes

Each programme comes with a video that you can play in the class/hall/staff room and some information about what the video is about. Some programmes are a few minutes long, others are over 20 minutes, so there is something for every scenario!

Brilliant Schools - The courses

On your screen AND in your classroom - meet Brilliant Schools Live

If you want to take wellbeing in your school even further, our Brilliant Schools Live service looks to embed positivity and wellbeing deep into the culture of your school, leading to your joining our league of Outstandingly Happy Schools.

And of course, Brilliant Schools subscribers get a discount on all our Live training workshops.

See our workshops
Brilliant Schools LIVE - a true blended learning approach One of our Brilliant Schools showing off their "Outstandingly Happy School" banner. Interested in getting one of your own?

Watch the first course in each programme.. for FREE

Want to get a feel for the style and quality of our resources? No problem, the first course in each programme is available to watch for free. If you like what you see, just get subscribed and all the remaining content is yours for the taking.

Be sure to click the fullscreen button (looks like Fullscreen) to get the full experience!

Watch our Brilliant Primary Schools programme
Watch our Brilliant Secondary Schools programme
Watch our Brilliant Staff programme
Watch our Brilliant Parents programme
Interested? Subscribe today!

Got any questions? Chances are we might have answered them already on our FAQ’s page - but if not, we’d LOVE to help you if you have any questions whatsoever. Just send us a message using our Get in touch page or give us a call on 0330 0435285

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Who are we? Brilliant Schools is brought to you by the people from the Art of Brilliance. We are an established, leading, not for profit organisation with one goal... to improve the future of wellbeing in our schools.