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The Queen’s Gambit

When you’re five years old the concept of royalty can be a little hard to grasp. It’s only when you realise the Queen has two birthdays, the magnitude of being Her Majesty starts to drop. Two birthdays! That’s special.

Schools don’t have two birthdays, but they do have two beginnings. There’s the ‘official’ beginning, falling on the 1st September each year, and then there’s the actual start of school, falling around the Fall; about now, in fact.

The second beginning occurs typically when the novelty of the new school year has worn off, the chalk dust has settled. Teachers know their children and children know their teachers. The battle lines have been drawn. Expectations of behaviour, quality of work and the overriding school tone have been set (and that’s just the teachers).

Brilliant Schools are against battle lines. Don’t get me wrong – we know the challenges are out there, but often the best way of dealing with them is ‘in there’. Equipping staff, pupils and parents with the strategies to develop their mental ‘wealth’ is key to embracing an ever-changing agenda marked ‘today’. Sure, it’s effort, but we’re all on the same side.

Two beginnings? The smart move is surely to make a move. Schools that are proactive about the health and welfare of their communities create solutions in the long run.

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