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SUGGS. It’s goal-setting Madness.

We do things differently at ‘Art of Brill’. For instance, we steer well clear of the well-trodden path of SMART objectives.

They’re perfectly fine if you want to be like everyone else. But if you want to achieve amazing things in your life, then you have to elevate to HUGGs – Huge Unbelievably Great Goals. A HUGG is something that inspires and excites you. It’s on the edges of your achievability. It’s something that isn’t going to happen by accident; it happens because you make it happen.

And, of course, if you come on one of our workshops, we show you how.

As the newly installed head of wellbeing at Uppingham College, I wanted to introduce HUGGs to the students. To make it palatable I started to ask some searching questions:

First, what do you want to achieve in your life? Something that genuinely excites you.

Second, can you visualise this in great detail?

Thirdly, what are the steps to getting to where you want to be?

And lastly, have you got the courage to take some action? [interestingly, to achieve huge things in your life it’s not just a case of taking positive action, it’s also about stopping doing things that are holding you back. Often, the stopping old habits bit is more difficult than the starting new habits bit]

The kids loved the HUGG concept. I am blessed to work with an amazing generation of learners. Their HUGGs were awesome!

The thing about HUGE goals is exactly that. They’re HUGE!

In fact some of their Huge Unbelievably Great Goals were so MASSIVE that it was hard to know where to start. I figured that if their goals were at the madness end of the spectrum, then maybe we should start with SUGGs.

These are teenagers. They didn’t get the ‘Madness’ reference but SUGGs are ‘Small Unbelievably Great Goals’, a series of 90 day challenges which will propel our students towards their HUGG.

Our collective learning so far is that a HUGE goal sets the direction of your journey through life. SUGGs are the steps along the way; 90 day milestones, checkpoints about who you are becoming and what you have learned along the way.

HUGGs and SUGGs. It’s total MADNESS.

But it works.

Best wishes.

Martin x