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Our vision

We want to embed positive habits in pupils that lead to positive increases in;

Schools are facing challenges like never before. Ever changing curriculums, exam standards, inspection standards all require you to do more with less. Yet schools and the people within them have the most important job in the world, teaching and supporting those who will one day go on to run it.

Led by Dr. Andy Cope, we’ve studied all the best bits of positive psychology, wellbeing, strengths, character education, growth mindsets, mindfulness, CBT, resilience and human flourishing. We’ve then distilled down all the serious science into some fun, easy to consume video content that is unique, imaginative and impactful. Our content is designed to provoke positive actions and thoughts as well as being bags of fun.

By working with pupils, staff and even parents, we can embed positive habits into the lives of everyone involved in the learning process, leading to pupils feeling happier and attaining better results, creating a ripple of positivity that will extend through your school and beyond.

The aim is to create a sustainable, long-term wellbeing ethos in your school. One that is passed on from every pupil, staff member and even parents.

The end result? Our future leaders, sports people, public servants, entertainers, teachers and more, all go out into the world with strategies and tools designed to not just help them face the challenges of the modern world… but to flourish in it.

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