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One Step Backwards and Two Steps Forward

Funny old times; without really being funny. Schools have been closed but open, parents have been home-schooling and teachers have been school-homing. No-one’s really sure what ‘normal’ is anymore, or even what a ‘new’ normal looks like (or indeed whether new and normal are compatible. Like an old update or sleeping with one eye open.)

At Brilliant Schools we’ve not been sleeping. We’ve been busy working-out how we can support school communities whatever normal looks like for them. So, we’ve come up with our ‘Brilliant Schools Recovery Programme.’ It’s not just about helping schools get back to pre-Covid 19 levels, but about empowering them to get back to their Brilliant best; both inside and outside of the classroom.

We’re not giving it away, but not far off. Because as a not-for-profit organisation, it just seems the right thing to do and the right time to do it. For a limited number of schools, from September, our Recovery programme delivers:

  • Three 45 minute ‘Live’ Zoom staff INSET sessions
  • Six 45 minute ‘Live’ Zoom pupil workshops
  • One 45 minute ‘Live’ Zoom parents evening
  • A Supplementary route map of 20+ Brilliant Schools wellbeing videos
  • Whole school staff and pupil Wellbeing Questionnaires (and analysis)
  • A plan for positive transformational change across the broader school community
  • Eligibility for ‘Outstandingly Happy School’ status and opportunity to apply for Brilliant Schools certification.
  • One year’s access to the whole of the Brilliant Schools resource library (a growing bank of over 60 videos; like Netflix for Schools).

We don’t think there’s anything else like it, for a price anywhere near it. If you want to sign-up or find out more, drop Helen a line and she’ll send you a link to a virtual meeting next week when you can find out more. Applications to participate in the programme are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

The old normal could feel a little like one step backwards and two steps forward. We reckon schools deserve a Brilliant new normal. We have all taken a step back over the past few months, but we’re ready to make great strides going forward. Maybe even a giant leap for mankind. Starting now.

The Brilliant Schools Team.