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The Library

Welcome to the Library – this section of the site gives you access to all the video content included in the Brilliant Schools service. The library contains a mixture of recordings from our Live sessions and also our on-demand wellbeing programmes.

Videos are grouped into different channels – Our live sessions are grouped by terms and displayed at the top of the library. On-demand content is grouped into Primary, Secondary, Staff and Parent channels. Each channel contains a variety of programmes that explore and facilitate different areas of wellbeing. On-demand programmes work as stand-alone videos or grouped together in a unit. Whether you need a quick 5-minute video to kick-start a lesson, or a series of 5 programmes to explore over a number of lessons, we’ve got you covered.


Look at this channel Brilliant parents

Children don’t come with an instruction manual! Our Brilliant Parents channel contains some well-meaning wellbeing top tips, including positive communications, growth mindsets and the “no phones” at meal times rule.