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Knew School Shoes

With a new school year likely comes a new teacher, a new class, maybe even a new school. Just as conspicuous will be those ‘back-to-school’ haircuts and gleaming new shoes. And that’s just the staff.

There’s a fair share of footwear accommodating feet that have grown spectacularly and inexorably over six weeks of summer, but some are merely like-for like replacements. The old pair was simply battered beyond recognition; scuffed beyond repair. It’s not that they don’t fit – they just don’t fit in. They no longer look the part.

In retrospect a weekly dab of polish on a Sunday evening is all it would have taken to keep a semblance of shine; to protect from the elements and maintain a spring in the step. Shoes are expensive when they become ‘beyond repair’.

But at least they can be replaced. You, on the other hand, cannot. We can take a certain amount of wear-and-tear of course, just so long as we remember to invest in our shine from time to time. And I don’t just mean at the start of September. So it may be a new academic year but we don’t necessarily need a new you. The old you is just fine, so long as you regularly take the time and effort to dust off the layers of accumulated life. The patent leather version is still there.