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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is the first of its kind. We hope that it’s really easy to understand and use (it’s basically Netflix, but for wellbeing) – but if you’ve got questions, they may well be answered on this page.

And if not, well then you’ve got our superb back office team waiting to hear from you – just use the get in touch page to send them a message or give them a call and they’ll be back to you as quick as they can.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer How can pupils/staff access the videos if they are learning/working from home?

    We’ve added a new feature that lets your share a link to any of the videos with pupils/staff/parents that don’t have a login account for Brilliant Schools.

    This link only lasts for 30 days, but you can always send another one once it’s expired.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer Do we need an internet connection to use this service?

    Yes. All the videos we produce are hosted online so that we can deliver a great experience no matter what device you are using to watch them.

    This does mean that you’ll need an internet connection to use the service and we recommend a minimum of 10Mbps broadband speed to get the best experience.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer Can we download the videos?

    No, you need an internet connection to use this service. At this time, all our videos are stored online and can only be accessed via the website.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer How often will new videos be added?

    New sessions are added each week as part of our Brilliant Schools LIVE service – our on-demand library gets new content added less often (especially with COVID-19 making it harder to record in a studio), but we aim to be having at least annual content releases once the new normal becomes a little more, well, normal.

    Although if you have an idea for a specific programme, why not drop us an email at to tell us about it!

  • Show Answer Hide Answer Are there any special offers or discounts available on the price?

    We will occasionally run special offers on pricing throughout the year for new customers – these offers will be advertised on our website and social channels.

    If you have any particular questions about our pricing model, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through it with you.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer We are only a small school - why do we pay the same as a large one?

    We spent a long time thinking about the best way to price the service – bearing in mind that we are not for profit, we want to minimise our own costs so that we can invest as much as possible back into the service.

    Keeping the subscription model simple helps us do that. We also think that we offer phenomenal value for money, especially with our LIVE subscription service.

    If you have any particular questions about our pricing model, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through it with you.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer How fast does our internet connection need to be?

    We recommend at least a 10Mbps speed connection to get the best experience. You can test your speed by going to

    There will be other factors to consider, such as how you connect your computers to your network and how many people are using the internet at the same time, but your IT support should be able to advise if you are unsure.

    If you can happily watch Youtube/iPlayer videos in your school, you’ll be fine with our service.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer What if we want to cancel?

    We’d hate to see you leave, but if you want to, we’ll make the experience totally painless.

    Just get in touch to let us know you don’t want to continue your subscription for an additional year and we’ll remove your accounts on the anniversary of the day you signed up.

    We’ll ask you nicely why you wanted to leave (so that we can use your feedback to make our service better) and wave goodbye with a smile.

  • Show Answer Hide Answer Can we get a refund if we're not happy?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of how access to our system works, we can’t offer refunds once you’ve subscribed to the service.

    We obviously want you to be over the moon with your investment and for it to be having a positive impact in your school. If that’s not the case, we want to know why, so please get in touch and we can have a chat.

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