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How to have a brilliant life

A gentle introduction to life, human potential and comfort zones

We’re about to watch a 15 minute video presented by children’s author, Andy Cope, in which he looks at the weird and wonderful world of happiness and positivity. Andy tells the story of Melanie (who he used to go to primary school with) and he also covers life, comfort zones and kindness.

Andy promises to introduce you to 7 little words that will change your life and sets us some homework – which I promise – won’t feel like homework. I’m going to do it too! It’s great fun.

Additional discussion for this programme

  1. Where are you on a happiness scale of 1 to 10 (1 very sad, 10 outrageously happy)
  2. What would be the benefits of being happier?
  3. What could you do to move up a notch?
  4. Ask the children to write a list of the top 10 happiest moments of their life. Share. See how many of the ‘moments’ are doing stuff rather than accumulating stuff. Maybe the aim is to have more experiences?
  5. What do you think Andy meant by ‘comfort zones?
  6. Think of examples of comfort zones you might be in.
  7. What could you do to break out of them?
  8. What might be the benefits if you did?
  9. Here’s a famous quote: “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson, American writer and poet). What do you think he might mean?
  10. Watch 0 – 100 What Makes You Happy (2 minutes 26 seconds) followed by a discussion about what makes you happy
  11. Watch Skype Laughter Chain (4 minutes 5 seconds)