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Benefits of Engaging with the ‘Brilliant Schools’ programme

Now that Brilliant Schools has launched, here are a dozen good reasons why your school can’t afford to pass up this opportunity…

  1. Mental Health is a problem. And like a double-glazing salesperson, it’s not going away any time soon. Mental Wealth is the solution. Helping people embrace the challenges of modern-day living means equipping them for life. That means lessons in resilience, mindfulness, kindness, wellbeing, strengths, confidence, growth mindset, optimism, altruism, self-care and more.
  2. The world has changed. Brilliant Schools helps align ‘what,’ you do with ‘why,’ you do it. Creating authenticity establishes trust, which in turn crafts relationships; key to just about everything!
  3. Brilliant Schools doesn’t just help staff and pupils consider what to do for the better, but how to be for the better. Because attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference. This means greater pupil engagement, less absenteeism and a more vitalised, connected community.
  4. Staff and pupils learn how to learn. We demystify the whole thing, and in the process equip students (both young and old) to live up to their potential. Primary pupils, secondary teenagers, staff… we’ve got you covered.
  5. Staff and pupils learn how to take charge of their own wellbeing. Yes, actual strategies for feeling good, so when tough days come (which they will) we may bend but we don’t break.
  6. Your school will achieve the best SATs/exam results ever. Okay, this is a tricky one to prove, but we reckon there’s a strong correlation. Helping the school community to fire on all cylinders certainly doesn’t do any harm…
  7. Making a positive difference to your education, life, prospects and potential is down to one person – you! Encouraging pupils to embrace responsibility for responsibility puts the ‘self,’ into improvement.
  8. Brilliant Schools is about ‘right now’, not ‘way back then’. We don’t duck issues of social media, smartphones, gangs and bullying.
  9. One size of education doesn’t fit all. Brilliant Schools is in line with a personalised curriculum. It’s truly bespoke. Brilliant Schools can be online or in person, or a mix of both. You’re in charge of the delivery timetable.
  10. Parental engagement is such a tough nut to crack. Brilliant Schools has online modules aimed at parents too. Just sayin’.
  11. Brilliant Schools is actually about the science of human flourishing. Thinking differently makes all the difference – when you know how. Digestible positive psychology creates an appetite for living well. We’re handing you high quality wellbeing lessons on a plate.
  12. If you cut to the chase, Brilliant Schools also happens to be rollocking great fun. It lingers long after we’ve left (like a good smell). Embedding wellbeing into the fabric of your school is not to be sniffed at.
  13. [it’s a baker’s dozen] Brilliant Schools ticks the Ofsted ‘wellbeing’ box, but delivers so much more. It also happens to be the best staff and student development in the world.